The Story

Shortly before starting the Indivisible Pledge initiative, I heard a rumor that a business in Washtenaw County had refused to serve a black customer due to their race. This shocked me. I decided that I would like to spend my money at businesses which treated each individual respectfully. Also, I thought that it would be great if I had an easy way of identifying these businesses. It was out of those considerations that the Indivisible Pledge Initiative was born. I came up with the Indivisible Logo and Pledge and started canvassing businesses first in Ann Arbor and later in Ypsilanti. Businesses that sign on to the Indivisible Pledge agree to post it in their business window so that people who pass by can easily see it. They are then included in the list of participating Indivisible Pledge businesses. This way people can easily find businesses that have publicly committed themselves to support an inclusive, non-discriminatory society, with equal rights for everyone. In short, they publicly proclaim that we are all human.

Businesses that would like to participate in the Indivisible Pledge Initiative can contact me here. Please note, the Indivisible Pledge initiative is non-partisan.